March 14, 2019 1 min read

Find it hard to choose the right size of insert? With so many different insert options available it can seem overwhelming.

We have already looked at the different types of planners that you can buy – ring-bound, disc-bound, spiral-bound and traveller’s notebooks. Read this blog article if you would like more information on these. So, let’s now take a look at the sizes of the different inserts we sell, and see how they visually compare.


Insert Size Chart

The chart below shows you the size of the inserts that will slip into the planner. The planner (or Traveller’s Notebook) itself will of course be a little larger than this. E.g. A5 inserts measure 148mm by 210mm and the A5 ring-bound planners we sell here at Chasing Planner Peace measure 190mm by 250mm. 



Flexibility Across Planner Sizes

I’ve found an insert I love but it’s not available in the size I need. What now?

There may be some flexibility available:

  • A5 inserts can be produced for A5 Traveller's Notebooks or to fit the MAMBI Classic Happy Planner. Just send us a message.
  • If you have another size in mind, please post a suggestion in our Facebook VIP Group or email us directly.




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