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July 14, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

Welcome to Chasing Planner Peace's 'Spotlight on a Planner' series. We aim to show the world how planning has changed lives and showcase the different methods people use when chasing planner peace. This month, July 2020, we chat to Melanie and discover how she uses planning to keep her family, study and work life on track. 

Spotlight on a Planner July 2020 Melanie Leney

Tell us a bit about yourself  

I’m a super busy mum of two, I work part time in our family business and am studying to gain a degree in Clinical Psychology. I’m also a qualified bookkeeper and run my own bookkeeping business – keeping it pretty small at the moment as I’m so busy!


Spotlight on a Planner  Mel Leney pic 4  

How did you get into planning?

I had to get a planner many years ago as I was missing appointments and just generally couldn’t organise my life. I also love organising things, including my own life luckily.


Spotlight on a Planner Mel Leney pic 2 

Spotlight on a Planner Mel Leney pic 5


What products are you currently loving?

I use the monthly pages with an hour by hour week to two pages to try and keep myself in line. I also have a dedicated planner for goal setting including the goals pages, measurements, and the blank pages. I particularly love the blank pages as I know I can turn to them anytime to make notes of anything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.


Spotlight on a Planner Mel Leney pic 6

  Spotlight on a Planner Mel Leney pic 7

What are your best tips for achieving planner peace?

Have a dedicated goal/dream planner. Maybe this is because I have a small handbag and can’t fit the masses of space I use to keep myself on track.


Spotlight on a Planner pic 1

  Spotlight on a Planner Mel Leney pic 2


You can find Melanie's bookkeeping service here:





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